Review: Misty Copeland’s Book Highlights Ballerina’s Hard Work, Accomplishments

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Diligence will help you make your dreams come true. This is especially clear when you look at successful people’s lives. I read this book Life in motion: an unlikely ballerina by Misty Copeland. She is a woman who will not let the word “no” stop her.

Misty’s autobiography is about her life as she went from boring dance lessons at the Boys and Girls Club to getting the lead in The Chocolate Nutcracker, to becoming the first black female woman principal dancer in the prestigious American Ballet Theater. It was hard, with racists and people saying she wasn’t good enough, but she pushed it down and followed her dream to the big stage.

This book was wonderful because Misty Copeland is brave and not afraid to go on stage, even though there was a lot of negativity everywhere. For example, she is not afraid of criticism. I think Misty Copeland wants to give readers the lesson that they can be anything they want to be, no matter what. I enjoyed the book being descriptive and factual, since the words were coming out of the person who experienced it, I knew it was accurate.

Misty Copeland also wrote Firebird and Ballerina Bodies, both books about ballet. If you need support and encouragement, go to Misty, and her words will fill you with inspiration.

This book was great, I loved it! I rate it 4 out of 4 roses, no doubt! Earlier this week my friend reviewed A Girl Named Misty and gave it 4 roses also!


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