Review: The Library Card Shows How Something Simple Can Change Lives

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When I picked up the book The Library Card, it looked really interesting. And the summary on the back cover made me want to read more.

The story is told from the perspective of of four young people. Even though they all are totally different and have never met, two things are the same about them: none of them really fit in. And, a mysterious blue library card shows up right when they need it.

In this compelling book, by Jerry Spinelli, four ordinary people find a library card, not knowing it will change their lives forever. This blue library card is not for just checking out books, it is a ticket to freedom, to a new perspective on life, to a world they never imagined.

Suddenly, the boy who vandalized his school spends more time with a book than with a spray can. Mongoose starts reading I Wonder every night, memorizing the facts about whale tongue’s and cicadas.

And the girl who was addicted to TV now realizes she has the ability to turn it off and find the real her, all because of a library card. Brenda starts to play outside more and starts remembering all the things she did as a kid.

I recommend The Library Card to readers ages nine to 12. I love bittersweet reads, and if you do too, this one is for you. There are so many sad, but also happy parts in the book, times when you will want to cry, but jump for joy, too.

I really LOVED this book! Definitely 4 out of 4 roses!



  1. Elena, this sounds like a great read! Do you remember the first time you got your library card? In general, do you think kids your age use their local library enough?


    1. I got my library card in fourth grade. Before then, I used my dad’s, but now I like being able to manage my own account. I feel that libraries are very underused, now that less kids are reading books. Although there are a few readers, not many kids are into books. I think I want my blog to help more kids see the magic of reading.


  2. I love reading your blog, and although I am older (66 – really older), your blog makes me want to read the books and pass them along to those young readers who may enjoy them. Thanks – and keep it up, Roz – one of the Bookstock volunteers

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