Review: Middle School View Shared In Cool Scrapbook

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Is anything worse than cafeteria lunch? Especially when it’s meatloaf day?

Well, according to Genevieve “Ginny” Davis, the only thing that’s worse than meatloaf is MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Ginny is going to seventh grade and plans to make it the best year of her life. But middle school is hard, with annoying boys, big brothers and fights with friends. All this happens in Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff by Jennifer L. Holm.

This book is not like a regular story. Instead of chapters, it’s written like a scrapbook, with horoscopes, Post-it notes, report cards to tell the story. That made the book very interesting to read, because you had to analyze the story and figure out what’s happening instead of the author telling you. Also, I liked how one of the story’s messages was that no matter what happens, always be true to yourself. It doesn’t matter what horoscopes or brochures say — just be yourself.

I recommend this book to readers ages nine to 12. If you like the book The Categorical Universe of Candice Phee you should probably try this one.

I loved this book! It was great! Four out of four roses!


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