Review: Merci Suárez Now On My Favorite Books List

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Through a young and witty 11-year-old, Merci Suárez Changes Gears, by Meg Medina, is a book that shows how we can accept change even when things are really hard. And, this is a good book for Hispanic Heritage Month because the main character is from a Cuban American family.­

I won the audiobook through a contest by the author and I listen to it almost every night, memorizing sections and imagining the backstories of each character. 

I can relate to a lot of what Merci was feeling because a lot of change was coming at her. Going into sixth grade, she has lockers and switches classes. But at home, it’s worse. Her grandfather Lolo is acting differently. Things like falling off his bike and forgetting Merci’s name are getting her worried. But her family won’t tell her what’s going on! Then a major catastrophe sends her family into a panic, and Merci must learn to adjust to change and fight through tough times with bravery.

Author Meg Medina is awesome at portraying protagonists. Because of her, I found many characters loveable. She is also great at forming emotions. When Merci was sad, I felt like crying. When Merci was about to do something very risky, it felt like my stomach had bats flying around in it. I think this book should become a movie. If so, I’ll gladly play the character  of Lena!

I recommend this book to readers who like books that have a lot of ups and downs. Merci accomplished many things, but along the way discouraging events also occurred.  This book is perfect for book lovers ages 9+  And it is a great read aloud for classrooms!

 is now on my favorite books list.  Even adults liked it: they gave the book a Newberry Medal! It gets 4 out of 4 roses!!!!!!!!



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