Review: Armenian Fairy Tales Filled With Odd, Surprising Stories

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My piano teacher let me borrow this book, Armenian Fairy Tales, by Hovhannes Toumanian. She said she learned these stories by her parents, grandparents and the Armenian school teachers at her Saturday school in Canada.

I love mythology and folk tales, so it wasn’t a surprise that I loved this book too. The illustrations by children of Armenia were very cool and the stories were super interesting.

I enjoyed this book because there were so many interesting and odd fairy tales, not just your cliche of “princess marries the prince” type of tales that we usually read in America. Instead, there were surprising and interesting stories about cowardly and not-so-smart people, and also stories about very odd situations. What if you opened a jar of what is said to be gold, but all you find are snakes? What if someone cut off your hands, but then you get them back again?

Also, the illustrations in the book are all made by young children! And, they are super good! They must be very talented! It was cool to see a variety of pictures, too. (Examples below roses.)

I recommend these stories to people who like myths. Also, if you want a break from real life and want to step into a fantasy world, it is awesome.

Kids older than eight will enjoy this book. Younger kids may read it, but not understand it, and there are a few things in not appropriate for them. (There is at least one bad word and some scary situations.)

Still, this book was really good! There were 22 stories altogether. My favorite was The Two Brothers. That one was hilarious!

This book gets 4 out of 4 roses!

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