Review: Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Is A Nail-Biting Adventure

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You’re locked in a library for 24 hours. You need to find your way out using only resources from the library. Fire exits and windows are not permitted. What do you do? In Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein, you may find the answer.

This book is a Willy-Wonka-meets-the-Terces-Society kind of story. If you like mysteries and nail-biting books, check this one out.

The book’s main character 12-year-old Kyle Keeley, has lived his whole life without a library. So when world-famous game maker Mr. Lemoncello decides to open a library, he invites a dozen kids to come check it out, including Kyle. 

But when the so-called library lock-in turns into an escape game, Kyle must use his cleverness and wits to find an escape route before anyone else to win a big prize. But in the end, Kyle discovers the importance of working together as a team.

This book was enjoyable because it had me anticipating the next scene. For example, during Kyle’s Extreme Challenge, I stayed up all night, jittery about what was going to happen. Also, Mr. Lemoncello is a really charming character. He has good taste in books and a very vivid imagination. I wouldn’t mind spending a whole week with him! Some of the clues
for escaping the library had to do with reading, so you learned a little bit of trivia from some books.

If you like Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryThe Secret Series, and/or The Magic Misfits, you will like this book. Also, readers ages eight to twelve will enjoy this.

This book was great! I rate it four out of four roses!



  1. I always read your reviews and find them so interesting. I am one of the volunteers for Bookstock and, as you may remember, wrote about our community literacy project last year. Hope you will do so again! Roz Blanck

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