Review: Friendship, Dreams At Heart Of The Paris Project

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Today is the release of a new book called The Paris Project by Donna Gephart! It’s about reaching for the stars, but not losing sight of what matters most. This book gives a glimpse into the ups and downs of a not-so-fortunate girl’s life.

Cleveland has had a lifelong dream to live in Paris, but her reality is a home in a tiny trailer park. And her life is full of struggles, especially her friendships. She is coping with the possibility of losing her only two real friends. Her best girl friend has moved from the trailer park to a fancy new house and her male friend happens to be dating the son of the man her dad has stolen money from, so she is not sure they will still be friends.

When Cleveland’s dad goes to jail, things really fall apart and it seems like she will never get to Paris. She finally realizes that dreaming big is great, but it’s the small things that matter most, like family and friends. I liked this book because of that strong message. Sometimes even I take little stuff for granted and focus too much on the big things.

I also really liked that the author wrote a lot about the culture of France. I learned these merveilleux (wonderful) words and learned about the food and other things. I recommend this book to readers who love to travel. They will love Cleveland, who shares the passion with them. Also, if you are ages eight to 12, you will love this book.

I really enjoyed reading this book! Four out of four roses!

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