Review: Bintou’s Braids Is A Cute Tale About True Beauty

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I really like wearing my hair in braids because I think it looks nice and it is it is different from how I usually wear my hair. But in the book Bintou’s Braids, young girls in her west African village are not allowed to wear their hair in long braids because the adults think it will make them too prideful.

Bintou dreams of having beautiful braids like her older sister. She thinks the braids will make her “shine like a queen.” (I would tell her that it really hurts when the hair is being pulled into braids, but it is worth it!) Even though she wants braids, all she gets is four pony-tail puffs on her head.

When she does a heroic deed she is offered a reward and she thinks she is finally going to get braids. But her grandmother has a surprise …

This story is about jealousy and accepting the way you look. It is also about why you don’t always need what others have to be happy.

I recommend this book to readers who are ages 6 and up. This book is by Sylviane A. Diouf, with pictures by Shane W. Evans. It is quick and easy for young kids to understand. It is especially cute for little girls who like getting their hair braided. 

I liked this book! I rate it 3 out of 4  roses!


  1. Hi Elena

    Could you relate to this main character?

    Looking back, is there anything you really looked forward to having as a younger kid thAt you have now? What are you looking forward to as a teenager?



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