Review: The Forgotten Girl Is A Really Scary Read

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It’s almost Halloween, and if you like scary stories this is a story for you. A few days ago I was running down the stairs scared that a ghost was following me, because after reading The Forgotten Girl by India Hill Brown, I’ve gotten spooked about ghosts.

In this story, two friends sneak out to play in the snow. But when Iris mistakenly makes a snow angel on a grave, she might have summoned a ghost of a black girl who had integrated a school, yet isn’t recognized for it. Now, she wants Iris to be her friend… forever.

I enjoyed this book because of the detail the author put in this book. I could truly see what the ghost looked like, and how the snow felt. Also, the characters were very understandable. Almost everyone knows what it’s like to be left out, and so does the ghost. Not only was it scary, but it explored diversity. I learned that there used to be such thing as a segregated graveyard. The people that made the graves even gave white people the better care.

If you like ghost stories, you will like this book. Also, if you like the Goosebumps series, this is a good story to read. This book is for readers ages 9 and up.

I rate this book three out of four roses! This was a great treat for Halloween!

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