Review: Girl’s Persistence Pays Off When She Finally Gets To Vote

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Today is Election Day in my city. When I was in the booth with my mom, I was thinking about how there  was a time when only white men could vote.

Without strong leaders that helped stop this unfairness, many of my family and friends wouldn’t be able to vote today.

There are many books on this topic. Previously, I reviewed a book about Ida B. Wells, who helped register women to vote. I also reviewed a book, Lillian’s Right to Vote, about a black woman who spent her entire life trying to vote and finally got the chance.

Today I’m reviewing a short biography called I Could Do That!: Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote by Linda Arms White. It tells the story of a girl whose noble actions led to more activism about the fight for women’s rights in Wyoming.

The story starts off with 6-year-old Esther who wants to pour the tea by herself. As a strong-minded girl, she insisted on making the tea and she did it! This is just the beginning of her lifelong journey to prove she can do whatever she wants to do, no matter that she is a girl. This story is about persistence and believing you can do whatever you set your mind to. As an adult, Esther helped women in Wyoming get the right to vote, and even became a judge.

Everyone has heard of Susan B. Anthony, another fearless leader, but I had not known about Esther and her life until reading this book. One cool fact: Esther saw Susan B. Anthony speaking about women’s rights, which inspired her to take a stand and try to help women, too.

This book is great for readers any age who want to learn about the women’s suffrage movement and how hard it was for women to win the battle.

I enjoyed this book! I rate it three out of four roses!

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