Review: Sisters Find Value Of Friendships In The Bridge Home

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 Viji and her older sister Rukku run away from their abusive father and have to make it on their own in the streets of India, where they meet new friends and enemies. As they progress through their journey of finding their true home, they learn about companionship and what it really means to be fortunate.

On the start of the girls’ journey, there were only two of them, but at the end of the story they had “brothers”, a dog and even a kind adult as their friends. There are a lot of diverse themes in the book, like strong girl characters, homelessness, the caste system, people with special needs, and different religions.

I liked The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman because of the plot twists and turns. The plot had a lot of these (which were mostly sad but made the book interesting). I also loved the name of the book. It literally means a bridge home, because they lived under a bridge, but it could also be like their journey in finding the metaphorical “bridge” to their true home.

The author did a great job describing the characters and their personalities so that we could fall in love with them. My favorite character was Kutti the dog, because he was so energetic and gave the girls hope and happiness. 

I recommend this book to readers who like touching stories. The book had a lot of important lessons and a bittersweet ending.

This book is super good! It gets four out of four roses!

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