Guest Blog: The School For Good And Evil Entraps Readers In Storyline

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Note from Elena Reads: Today’s guest blogger is Claire W. She is a friend I’ve known since kindergarten. Scroll below to read her awesome review of The School for Good and Evil. Claire has read this series five times already! She has even convinced me to read it!

The School for Good and Evil, by Soman Chainani, is a book is about two friends in the small town of Gavaldon, Sophie and Agatha.

In Gavaldon, young teens have been disappearing. Sophie thinks they get taken to the school for good and evil because the 12-year-olds who get taken end up in the yearly delivery of four books. Sophie with her pink dress and glass slippers seems to be a perfect fit for the school for good whereas Agatha on the other hand with her black cloak evil pet cat and a dislike for every one makes her a perfect fit for the school of evil.

I loved how the author entrapped you in the book when I read it. I could not set it down, I felt like I were the characters. The book was so good I’ve read the entire series five times, They also switch back and forth between the characters giving you a viewpoint from both sides. I don’t like how the author leaves some unanswered questions but maybe the author wants you to think about what can happen.

One of the biggest things in this book are stereotypes. Everyone is stereotyped by how they look and act. The main characters show that not you should not judge a book by its cover.

The book is for young teens but I think all ages will love the book. I rate it four roses.

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