Review: A Realistic Tale Of How To Survive Middle School

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Ask anyone. Middle school is hard. It’s probably the hardest years of schooling because of all the changes, including new friends, crushes and puberty. Bullies and fights make it worse.

How to Survive Middle School by Donna Gephart is a realistic fiction story that dramatizes the horrors of middle school, and shows that the smallest act of kindness can make your day.

David Greenberg and Elliot used to be best friends. But after a fight, Elliot has been bullying David, and even gets a new best friend, the detention-seeking, held-back jerk named Tommy. But when David gets a new friend (who is a girl), things start looking brighter for him. She helps David’s YouTube videos on his channel, TalkTime, go viral and even cheers him up after a bad day. Middle school may be hard, but David is determined to make it better for himself.

I liked this book because it gave a true picture of middle school. Some adults don’t really understand how bad it is, but kids are cruel, especially in this book. Despite this, the book was pretty humorous, which I loved. David’s videos would include funny footage of his hamster singing or him pretending to interview his TV idol Jon Stewart.

This book is good for readers 9 and up, or anyone going into middle school. There is some kissing, boys get into a fight and David has to deal with grief, which I didn’t expect and was really sad about. If you like the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you should read this book. Also, this book has a Jewish character in it, so if you are Jewish, you may be able to relate to him calling his grandma Bubbe or eating delicious apple cake.

This book is good! I rate it three out of four roses!

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