Review: Spies of World War I Is An Interactive Adventure

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Are you a history geek? Do you love “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories? If you said yes to either one, you should read this really cool and informational book, Spies of World War I: An Interactive Espionage Adventure, by Michael Burgan.

This book is based on actual spies’ journeys during this terrible war and it lets you choose which path to take, and you can see if you will survive or die.

In this book, you can work as a spy in Germany, Russia or Belgium. My favorite path was when I was a woman living in Belgium. When my friends asked me to join a secret spy group just for women, I agreed. I ended up becoming a double agent and giving my spy group pride and success!

This book taught me a lot about spies and what they did. I learned that spies were not always double agents pretending to work for another agency. In fact, some spies could do something as small as watching the trains for any enemies.

What I liked about this book is that it made reading nonfiction so much more enjoyable. Yes, I love reading informational stories, but the way the author turned it into a fictional story also, made it really fun to read. Also, the author really helps you picture the story. His word choice and language practically made me feel like I was the character. For example, when I died in the book, he had an interesting way of describing it, and in my mind I could picture it exactly. He is a great author!

This book is great for readers 8 and up. It has some violence, but it is not too scary. It is an easy read.

Four out of four roses for sure!

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