Review: Keep It Together, Keiko Carter Available Today

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Keiko Carter loves chocolate. In fact, she even describes things using words that usually describe chocolate. Her friends Jenna and Audrey are like the richest, smoothest kind of chocolate, and she thinks that will never change. But when their friendship shatters, it’s like bitter, stale, chocolate and Keiko needs to fix it.

Keep it Together, Keiko Carter by Debbi Michiko Florence will teach you about friendship, family and how to find your own happiness. The book is being released today! (And I just learned a sequel coming soon, too: Just Stay Cool Jenna Sakai!)

Every year, Keiko and her friends have a theme for the year. Whether it’s watching Miyazaki movies or trading stickers, each year they do something together to make the year momentous. But when Audrey decides the theme should be boyfriends, their inseparable bond starts to melt like chocolate. There is a lot of boy drama because Jenna and Audrey like the same guy, and Keiko may be falling for Audrey’s brother! Keiko thinks it’s her responsibility to fix everything and help them all remain friends.

This book was great! One reason I think this is because it had a really interesting plot, things were twisting and turning almost in every chapter! The book also had an interesting ending. Sometimes authors have the cliche where everything turns out well for the main characters in the end. (It’s funny because Audrey jokes about cliches in the book.) Well, things turned out well for Keiko, but not in the way you would expect. I also loved that the author added a biracial character in the book! Keiko is half-Japanese and half-white. It is always cool to see different types of diversity in books.

I would recommend this book to readers ages 10 and up! All the scenes talking about boy crushes or kissing might be inappropriate for younger readers. If you like the Friendship List series by Lisa Greenwald, you will like this book.

I give it four out of four roses. It would be cool to see a movie of it, too!

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