Review: Dalia’s Tzedakah Offers Lesson In Giving

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How Dalia Put a Big Yellow Comforter Inside a Tiny Blue Box by Linda Heller is a fun and easy book about the magic of a tzedakah box.

I liked this book because I learned something new: Jewish people will sometimes collect charity in a box called a tzedakah. At my church, we collect money in a small “buddy barrel” for kids in need, and a Jewish tzedakah can be a barrel or a box.

This book is about a girl named Dalia, whose class is raising money in their own tzedakahs. Dalia chose a box for her tzedakah. The money that they raise will go to someone in need. But when her little brother asks what’s inside her box, she gives unrealistic answers, like a big yellow comforter, or a banana cream pie. Would you believe that? I certainly would not. Her brother is so confused, but soon he and the readers will learn why that’s what she was telling her brother.

I also liked this book because it was about giving and being selfless. It must have taken a lot of effort for Dalia to save up her money for someone else, and not just buy something for herself. This book teaches a good lesson to kids.

It is good for readers ages five to seven. Also, this is a good read-aloud, and a could be a nice addition to your bookshelf. Although it is a good book, it didn’t really hold my attention, probably because it isn’t geared toward older readers, but I still recommend it!

I liked this book, so it gets three out of four roses.


  1. Oops, sorry for not seeing this! I think selflessness is important for kids to learn because once you learn something early on, it’s a little hard to un-learn it. And, being selfless at a young age will help you in the future.


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