Review: Beyond The Bright Sea Is An Amazing Journey

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One midsummer day, a cawing baby appeared in a skiff at Elizabeth Islands, a small island in Massachusetts. She grew up not knowing who left her there, who she was…nothing. None of that mattered. Until it did. Beyond The Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk is a beautiful book about finding who you are.

Crow had lived happily on Elizabeth Islands for 12 years, never really caring about anything but the person who found her (her “father”), Osh, her firm neighbor, Miss Maggie, and her cat, Mouse.

But after an unexpected trip to a nearby island, Crow started to wonder…who are her real parents? Where did she come from? Why won’t people touch her? And through struggles and triumphs, thieves and doctors, Crow learned the answers to most of her pressing questions. But the real question is…when is it time to stop searching for these answers?

I really enjoyed this book because it had a really interesting plot and the author kept me in suspense! Who had sent Crow away in the sea? What did her real parents name her? Those questions had me glued to the pages, awaiting the answers. I also liked that the story was historical fiction and took place on an island. It was really cool to think about life on an island, and life in the 40’s. Plus, the islands in the book are real, so it was especially cool to imagine living there.

This book is great for people 10 and up. The book has violence (people left to die, arsonists, etc.) but it is a great book, nevertheless. If you are a historical fiction geek, PICK UP THIS BOOK! You will not regret it!

This book is going on my favorite book list! I LOVED it!

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