Review: Ezra Jack Keats Offers Powerful Message In Goggles!

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A lot of people have heard of The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats – but besides his most popular story, he’s written some pretty great books. Take Peter’s Chair, for example. Or, even the Caldecott Honor book I’m going to review right now, Goggles!

This book shines a little more light on the life of Peter from The Snowy Day. In this story, he and his friend Archie find a pair of goggles. But when bullies threaten them, because they want the goggles; Peter, Archie, and even Willie the dog, must figure out how to outsmart the bullies.

I really loved the illustrations by Ezra Jack Keats. They were so vivid and had great scenery, too. I enjoyed the way Peter and Archie were brave enough to not cower down to the bullies and give them the goggles, instead, Peter and Archie trick the bullies – and you’ll see how when you read the book.

I think that the way that Ezra Jack Keats was able to convey the message of the story with a few simple pages of a book was pretty amazing. I think it will really show kids how to be brave. This is a quick, short bedtime story and a great addition to The Snowy Day.

This book is great! I really love the message in the book, too! I rate it four out of four roses!

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