Review: Meena Harris’ Book Shows Kamala Had Big Ideas Even As A Child

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I learned Kamala Harris, lawyer and U.S. Senator, recently was picked as Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate. If she gets elected, it will be history making – the first woman as vice president in America. I don’t know much about politics, but I do know that Kamala Harris is a strong, determined woman from reading a book about her.

According to Kamala And Maya’s Big Idea, she’s been courageous even as a child. In this book by Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris, we learn that you can accomplish anything with a determined mindset.

Kamala and Maya (the author’s mother) are sisters who want to turn the empty courtyard outside their apartment into a playground. But when their landlord says, “NO,” Kamala and Maya don’t let the two letters (N and O) stop them. And instead the girls get their whole community involved to make their idea become reality. (Like her big sister, Maya Harris also grew up to become a lawyer, and her daughter followed in her footsteps.)

“No one could do everything, but everyone could do something” is a quote that is used often throughout the book. I really like it for two reasons: 1, it shows that with a little teamwork, anything is possible, and 2, it proves no matter what, “everyone can do something” to improve their community. I also loved the illustrations by Ana Ramirez Gonzalez, which was a mix of an art called gouache, and digital art.

At least once in your life, you will hear the word “no” as you are trying to reach a goal or accomplish a dream. Kids need to learn at a young age that when someone says “no”, to keep persisting. Kids need to know they can make a difference, even when people don’t believe them. It’s a skill that will last with them through adulthood.

I recommend this book to kids ages 5 and up. It is an easy-to-understand read aloud. It’s also a good book for adults to read to their kids to introduce them to Kamala Harris. This book may inspire kids to make a difference in their community, too.

This book is really cute and I like it! I rate it three out of four roses!

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  1. These are wonderful themes, so important for kids (and adults) to remember too!

    Do you remember the first time your heard no ans didn’t accept it, but kept working for the yes?


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