Review: Melissa Grey Writes A Spine-Tingling Must-Read

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Good grades mean good ratings. Good ratings mean a good life. Students at Maplethorpe Academy know that working hard in school and in the community will help improve their rating. The higher your rating, the more you are valued in the community. If it’s low, some grocery stores and hospitals aren’t available to you because of your place in society.

This spine-tingling utopia (a world that is perfect) called Rated by Melissa Grey, will definitely keep you glued to the pages because of the surprises and mystery all throughout the book.

This book is about six students who are navigating through yet another tough school year. But ever since vandalism stained the front doors of their school, with the message, “The Ratings Are Not Real,” the six students have been getting notes and letters from a mysterious “Jester.” These six students have been chosen by the Jester to stop the unfair Rating System.

This book was really interesting because it really put into perspective another type of division in life, where people can have more than others just because of one factor. Imagine not being able to buy food at a certain restaurant, just because you don’t have a high rating. That seems stressful and unfair! Plus, I loved that even though it was a fantasy, the story also added realistic parts to it too. The story resembles real life, because sometimes it seems we have an economic divide of rich and poor. People who don’t have a lot of money usually live in a smaller house, and if they can’t pay for insurance, they aren’t allowed to get help from the hospital. It’s sad and unfair, but like in the book, it’s the way things are.

I’m really in awe of how Melissa Grey really developed the characters. They each had their own struggles and high-points, and she made the characters really unique and interesting. One is a professional gamer, Hana is an ice skater. Chase has dyslexia, Noah’s sister has leukemia. One of them gets bullied, and there is a gay couple. People can maybe relate to one of the characters, they are all very diverse. Melissa Grey is like the master of POV’s (point of view), it was so cool how she just transitioned from one person to the next easily. I always have trouble writing, I like that reading this story gave me some pointers.

Rated is great for anyone in grades 6 and up! However, there are a few curse words and some kissing scenes, but it’s a great book! I’m hoping for a sequel, because the book left off at a cliffhanger!

I loved this book. Four out of four roses for sure!!

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