Help Me Rebuild A Detroit School Library Destroyed By Vandals

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When I read a recent Detroit Free Press news article about a outdoor school library that was vandalized, I was so upset! It made my heart go into my stomach. Almost everything was destroyed – books were torn, pots were broken – it was a heartbreaking scene. (Look at the photo in the article😭) Now, the school has to replace everything, using their money to clean up a mess someone else made.

So, one of my favorite Book Lovers and I want to help. We will be doing a book drive, collecting books to donate to the Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School. The books should be geared to kindergarten-8th grade. (Of course, diverse books are a plus!😀) I am planning to donate the books in the photo.

Those who know me can leave donations in the bin on my porch between now and Sept. 17. Others can drop them off directly at the school, 420 W. 7 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48203. 3p.m., Monday through Friday. If you are not in the area and want to help, you can send books to me at P.O. Box, 250218, West Bloomfield, MI 48075 and I will drop them off for you.

The school is also looking for garden supplies, if you’d like to donate any those.

Everyone should be able to read books and have a safe place to do so, and that’s why I was so upset when I read this. Together, we can help!



  1. We are well on our way, I already have 4 boxes of donated books, and more on the way. We are going to help build the library even bigger and better. Thank you for your help Elena!

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