Review: Characters In Hello, Universe See The World In Many Different Ways

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It’s a total understatement to say this book is good, because this book is AMAZING! This Newberry-award winning book, Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly is a definite must-read. It follows four kids, and when their lives intersect in the craziest way possible, it leaves them thinking that some friendships are really destined.

This book focuses on four people: Virgil Salinas, a shy boy who is underestimated; Valencia Somerset, a tough, strong-willed girl who happens to be deaf; Kaori Tanaka, who’s Japanese and can read the stars and tell fortunes; and Chet Bullens, nicknamed “the Bull” – and not just because of his name. They are all very different, and they don’t all know each other. But on the first day of summer, a series of events merges the kids’ lives together. In only 24 hours, their lives change.

I LOVED this book. It definitely goes on my favorite book list! I just love how Erin Entrada Kelly created such amazing characters, and an equally amazing storyline. I loved how the characters’ perspectives were so unique, they all saw the world in a different way. Chet is a bully, because his father makes fun of people who are different, so he does too. Valencia seems bold and unafraid, but she’s lonely, and has no people friends at the beginning of the story. Her parents are overprotective, too, and Valencia thinks it’s because of her hearing disability.

I also loved the diversity, it was so cool to see a Filipino character like me in this book. Virgil had a special bond with his Lola (grandmother). She’s funny, sweet, and told amazing stories. She was so comforting, I felt as if she was my friend. I wish I could’ve had that kind of bond with my Lola, but she died before I was born.

I would recommend this book to readers 8 and up. But anyone who wants to read a book that’s meaningful and witty at the same time, this one is for you. I can’t stress how great this book is until you read it!!!

This. Book. Is. Amazing. Four out of four roses! I loved the ending, it made me cheer out loud!

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