Review: The Magical Kingdom In This Motown Adventure Will Be Music To Your Ears

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This fun children’s book, Claudette’s Miraculous Motown Adventure, by A.K. Morris and Claudette Robinson, gives kids a glimpse at how music can bring smiles to people’s faces.

Claudette lives in the magical kingdom of Motown, where everyone loves to dance and sing. But when an evil witch steals all of their music, little Claudette is devastated. But when she finds a box filled with four tiny members of the Miracles, they help her and the kingdom regain the magic of music once again.

I really liked this book and think that little kids will really enjoy it, too. One cool thing is that the the king, queen and jester are Black in the story.

One of its co-authors, Claudette Robinson, is considered the “First Lady of Motown” because she was the first woman to do many things in music, including being the first female artist at Motown Records. People who love the Miracles, the group she sang with, would enjoy this book.

One cool thing about the book is that it has some references to the Miracles. For example, in the book, it says that “the Jester was crying the tears of a clown.” And my parents said that was actually a song the Miracles sang!

This book is great for readers kindergarten to second grade. But, this is also a good read aloud, too.

This book is so great! It gets four out of four roses!

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