Book Lover: 11-Year-Old Bridget Shares Love of Reading Through Her KidLit Blog

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Bridget, of Bridget and the Books, is 11, and in sixth grade. She loves track cycling and fostering kittens – but most of all, she loves reading. Bridget shares her love for all three of those hobbies on her blog, where she reviews books and interviews authors and illustrators. She has been doing this for more than four years, and has written more than 1,000 blog posts! Bridget has been interviewed on TV, radio and in the newspaper. Her story was on the front page of the Detroit News.

Bridget said blogging has made an impact on her life because it has introduced her to so many books and authors. “Blogging has allowed me to see the power of written word and understand how to use your words effectively.”

She has become a great book friend and has been supporting me since I started blogging a few years ago. We have done guest blogs for each other, swapped books, and we also enjoyed meeting up for Fro-Yo (pre-pandemic).

You can follow Bridget on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and read my interview below!

Question: Why do you love blogging?

Answer: I love blogging because it allows me to read so many cool books and meet so many great authors.

Q: Why do you love to read?

A: I like to read because reading transports me to new universes and I encounter unique characters.

Q: What are your top three favorite books you’ve reviewed? What about your top three interviews?

A: Eek… Hard questions. My top three books would of course be Penguin And Pinecone, by Salina Yoon, Cleopatra in Space; Target Practice, by Mike Maihack, and Grace For President, by Kelly Dipucchio.  

My favorite interviews are authors Salina Yoon and Mike Maihack. I have interviewed both a couple times and met them. Even before the blog, Salina and Mike were favorites of mine. I think they will both always be permanent favorites of mine. 

I am excited about Rebecca Jordan-Glum, who is a debut author. I just interviewed her and we are so alike. Robin Farmer was really interesting and Lil Bro just interviewed Phillipe Cousteau! I don’t think I could pick favorite interviews. I learn so much from all of them!

Q: How did you get inspired to make Bridget and the Books?

A: When I was in first grade, a classmate was friends with a youtuber. Soon I wanted a vlog about books, because even then I loved reading. My mom said, “How about a blog?” and I was sold. Soon Bridget and the Books was born. We were already friends with Salina Yoon and she shared about my blog idea with her friends, who are authors and illustrators. That really helped it take off. My first interview was Deborah Underwood, an author I loved!

Q: What is the easiest/hardest part about having a blog?

A: The easiest thing about having a blog as a kid is the employees. The “worker of the month” is always Mom or Dad, because who else is there! They manage everything but the posts. I will say the hardest thing is the thing that the workers don’t handle. The posts. I try and keep things fresh but it is hard to do that, and I have been having a hard time. A lot of times I read a book and struggle with the review. Right now too, I am trying to balance middle school and it is hard to do it all.

Q: You’ve been blogging for over four years! Can you share some unique experiences you have encountered while doing Bridget and the Books?

A: Something unique about this is since I have started, I have been able to watch and support other kids who become reviewers. Just like you, Elena. I really want to make sure we hear more opinions on books that reflect the diversity of readers. Books should be windows, doors, mirrors and so much more but if reviewers are not, then how do readers find these books.

Another is all the authors I get to meet. I have met so many amazing authors and illustrators. A favorite thing is when they introduce me to their author/illustrator friends. I call that breadcrumbing. The funny thing is the only person I was scared/nervous to meet was Jonathan Auxier. I even avoided meeting him at my first nErDcamp but the next year, he made sure to find me.  He is a really nice guy. I have no clue why I was so nervous.

The first time I went to nErDcamp Junior and authors were chasing after me! All the grownups were after the authors, but the authors were chasing after me. It was also cool because JARRETT LERNER WAS MY HOMEROOM!!!!!!  (PS Dear Jarrett POOT!)

Oh and I even had Vordak come to my birthday party. Author/Illustrator John Martin lives near me so he did drawing lesson for my friends and I. Then Vordak crashed the party. That was awesome.

Q: How has blogging made an impact on your life?

A: At first I would say blogging introduced me to so many books and authors I would never have found. I have had the chance to promote new authors and books. I have found books about ADHD and giftedness that I needed to read (I am classified both).  

But right now, I am realizing it was my introduction to journalism. I am really getting into that. I even helped launch a middle school newspaper. 

Blogging has allowed me to see the power of written word and understand how to use your words effectively. 

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