Review: Be The Best Is A Gospel Song Turned Into A Story With An Important Message

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I often mention how in a lot of books, the illustrations tell their own story. This is also true for the book I’m reviewing today, Be The Best by Myrna Allen-Austin. She donated multiple copies of her book to the book drive I promoted to help replenish a school library in Detroit. She also included a signed copy for me!

The Michigan author is a gospel singer, and her book is the lyrics of the song, which is also called “Be The Best”. It was released in 2009, but she didn’t turn it into a book until many years later. But this time, there is a story behind the lyrics. It’s a story about a baby, who grows to be a young woman as the story progresses. The lyrics that preach “It’s so important for you to believe, you can accomplish all of your dreams.” really stays true in the illustrations as the girl learns to walk and eventually graduates from high school. She struggled sometimes on a test, but the next time, she’d come out with an A after hard work. This book is so uplifting and it shows that if you “live a life of prayer and stay in the race,” God will see you through.

I think the message in this book was a strong one: You can do anything you put your mind to if you are the best you can be. It’s a lesson readers at any age can learn. The book was filled with diverse characters. The main character looks to be biracial like me, and there is a student pictured who uses a wheelchair. I liked the illustrations and the detail that was put into every picture. But I thought some of the pictures were kind of grainy and blurry.

I recommend this book to Christian families because a few of the pages in the book mention faith and prayer. Kids five and up would also enjoy reading this book and listening to the song!

Three out of four roses!

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