Guest Blog: Travel To The Land Of Dinosaurs In This Supernatural Read

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Note from Elena Reads: My third grade brother would sometimes rather answer trivia questions, ride his bike, or play video games instead of read, but recently he read a book that really sparked his interest. He loved that the book was funny and a bit of a mystery. Everett’s excited to read the next book in the series! Here’s his review:

By Everett, age 8

Dragons in a Bag is about how Jax had to get dragons to another dimension but along the way there is trouble! This is the book we had to read for One School One Book, everybody in the district had to read it. My family read one chapter a day and really liked it.

The main characters were Jax and Ma.

Jax’s Mama had to send him to a witch named Ma and they went to the land of dinosaurs.

I liked that the main characters were Black like me.

Zetta Elliot wrote the book Dragons In A Bag, she made it a mystery about what happened to the last dragon.

One thing I liked about the book is that when there was an animal in the house, Ma hit it with her cane. One more thing I liked about the book was when they went back to the land of dinosaurs.

I recommend this book to people who are ages 7 to 14.

I give it 3.5 roses!

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