Guest Blog: This Fun Book is Filled With Trivia About Presidents

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Note from Elena Reads: It has been almost a year since my brother wrote his first guest review, so I am excited that he did this one today. Check it out:

I’m Elena’s younger brother. I’m 9 years old. Today she made me review a book called Presidents of the United States for Presidents’ Day. The short book gives facts about all the presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump.

I got a lot of knowledge from this “Fast Fact Book” which was fun for trivia, which I love.

I learned a lot about all the presidents, but the most interesting fact was that John F. Kennedy was the first president to be wearing a hat at his inauguration. Something that was funny was that President Taft got stuck in a bathtub. There is diversity in there because JFK was the first Catholic president, Barack Obama was the first Black president, and FDR used a wheelchair when he was president.

This book was about all the presidents. My favorite is JFK, who was the 35th president.

This book is good for people who want to go on trivia shows. I give it four out of four roses!

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