Review: Dream Big Dreams Captures Moments From Historic Presidency

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All the presidents we’ve had in our country have been white except for one – Barack Obama, the first Black person to become president of the United States. Dream Big Dreams, with photography and captions by Pete Souza, is a compilation of snapshots from Obama’s a historic eight-year presidency.

Souza was Obama’s official photographer, so he was responsible for taking pictures of the 44th President wherever he went. After Obama left office, Souza compiled hundreds of photographs to make a book filled with pictures of Obama’s life as the nation’s leader. There were pictures of Obama and his family as they adjusted to living in the White House and trying to cram in time with him amid his busy schedule. Pictures of Obama working hard were common amongst the pages as well. Some of my favorites, however, were the ones with young Black kids literally looking up to the President. You could see it in their eyes that they could see themselves in his shoes not far from now. Another book about Obama and other presidents of the United States is the one my brother recently reviewed.

I liked how this book went in depth to the unseen parts of presidency, like how Obama loved to joke around with his colleagues. Pictures of him hugging a parent whose child had died in the Sandy Hook school shooting or helping a kid who was nervous around him feel comfortable are examples of how he showed compassion to others around him.

I recommend this book to anyone! Kids will enjoy seeing pictures of the former president and adults may find it interesting.

Three out of four roses!

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