Guest Blog: Antoinette Proves Everyone Has A Purpose

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Note From Elena Reads: My cousin, Jada J., previously wrote a guest review about Chef Roi And The Street Food Remix. Now, she’s reviewing another entertaining picture book. Read her review of Antoinette below:

Antoinette, by Kelly DiPucchio and Christian Robinson, is a fun book about a dog that is different from other dogs because she has not found out what she is good at.

Her brothers all have special talents so that makes Antoinette sad because she doesn’t know what hers is. But just like human moms who cheer on their kids, Antoinette’s mom encourages her to not worry because she knows Antoinette is extra special.

I liked this book because it tells us that it is OK to be different and never give up. I also liked it because it made me think about my dog, Kobe. I think his special talent is running fast just like me and other members of my family.

This book is also special to me because my cousin Elena got it autographed for me by illustrator, Christian Robinson. I liked his pictures because I like creating art, too.

Kids and people who have pets would enjoy reading about Antoinette and following the story through the pictures.

I would give this book four out of four roses because it teaches kids to believe in themselves and understand there is something special about everyone.

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