Review: Pippa Park Manages Friendship, Crushes In This Middle Grade Novel

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Seventh-grader Pippa is a funny, quirky, and kind young girl who earns a scholarship to a fancy private school because of her basketball talent. When she is suddenly picked up by the popular friend group,she feels like her life is falling into place…until an unknown person threatens to expose Pippa’s true self.

In Pippa Park Raises Her Game, by Erin Yun, Pippa manages friendships, crushes, bullying, and her Korean culture. Readers will root for this lovable main character as she navigates through the jungle of life.

When Pippa steps into her fancy school, she realizes this is a chance to have a redo of what happened at her old school. Unfortunately, she still has to maintain high grades as well as keeping her reputation up for the popular girls and her crush. As she gets closer to her new friends, she starts distancing herself from her old friend, and Pippa doesn’t know how to balance the relationships. And, when she starts receiving annonymous messages that may ruin her high standing, Pippa must raise her game, find herself, and make things right again.

I liked how this book made all of the characters worth caring about, and there are so many subplots that come together in this short, but mesmerizing, book. I can relate to how Pippa juggles her family, friends, and status; many readers can relate to her as well.

I recommend this book to people who like sports books. This book doesn’t focus on the sports aspect of this story a lot, but I liked how the author mixed in several genres together to write this book, and readers could branch out and realize they enjoy other genres such as mystery.

Four out of four roses! I can’t wait for the next book!

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