Review: Divergent Is The First Thrilling Installment In Dystopian Series

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When the world is separated by different societal groups who each have their own morals, Tris learns that she is Divergent – and her life will never be the same. Divergent, the first thrilling installment in Veronica Roth’s dystopian series, is an unforgettable story about identity, choices, and differences. It will keep you on your toes, with constant action and a compelling plot.

In this society, citizens divide themselves by what they believed caused the world’s problems. There was Abnegation, for the ones who blamed selfishness; Amity, for the ones who blamed aggression; Candor, for the ones who blamed dishonesty; Dauntless, for those who blamed cowardice; and Erudite, people who blamed ignorance.

When the children of the society turn 16, they undergo an aptitude test that will show them what faction they belong in. Tris is a young girl with a humble lifestyle. Her parents are part of the Abnegation faction. They believe in selflessness, and look down upon vanity. When she takes the test, she learns she is Divergent, meaning she identifies with three of the factions. Certain people see Divergents as a danger to their “perfect” society because they cannot be controlled and molded into just one faction. Tris chooses to be Dauntless, but the Divergent label is a secret she will have to keep… or else.

It is so interesting how this story correlates to our current society. Our factions are political parties that have their own set of ideals. In my own experience, Divergent‘s factions are like cliques in school. Popular people, smart people, and athletes are groups that have their own likes and dislikes.

I loved this book! After several recommendations, I’m so glad I finally read it. The story alone is such an interesting concept, and I think I would probably be in the Dauntless or Erudite faction! I can’t wait to watch the movie and finish the rest of the series.

This book is great for teen readers. If you like dystopian novels, this book is perfect for you!

Four out of four roses!

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