Review: Ashley Bryan’s ABC of African American Poetry

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Coretta Scott King Award winning book Ashley Bryan’s ABC of African American Poetry is a compilation of stanzas and excerpts that will leave you inspired. Words of wisdom and powerful poetry are shown in this alphabet book of beautiful poem selections – all by Black authors.

This book holds 26 poems, one for each letter of the alphabet. Ashley Bryan writes in the book’s foreword that her book suggests a new way of working with the alphabet to kids, instead of just teaching the ABC’s, Bryan wanted to introduce “a world of poetry and art to all children”.

I really loved the illustrations in this book! They were vivid and pleasing to look at. My favorite poems were Refugee in America by Langston Hughes and Now Sheba Sings The Song by Maya Angelou. (There is an acknowledgments page at the end of the book where there is a list of all the poems used.)

I would recommend this book to young readers and their teachers. Many of these poems are full of Black pride, and it is great to have empowering messages in the classroom. Also, if you enjoy poetry like I do, you will be introduced to some new poets.

Four out of four roses!

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