Review: The Loud Librarian Is A Cute Story With Charcter Who Is A Lot Like Me

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Penelope is estatic when she is chosen to be the new student librarian! She is helpful, friendly, and loves to read. But, the irony is Penelope is loud. So loud that even astronaunts in space can hear her! That’s probably why author Jenna Beatrice chose the title of the book to be The Loud Librarian.

As Penelope tries to figure out how to balance her love of reading with her loud voice, she will hopefully inspire readers of this book to compromise when things get in the way of accomplishing their dreams.

llustrator by Erika Lynne Jones sent me this ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy), which will be available to the public next month. I really liked the illustrations because they were so cute and very diverse in characters! In fact, I loved Penelope so much because she reminded me a lot of myself. She has brown skin, curly hair, a love for books, and enjoys talking to people.

When I started my blog five years ago, it was because I didn’t see myself in the books I was reading and as I was on the hunt for books with more diverse characters, I wanted to share my finds with others. Now, it is so satisfying to see characters who represent a variety of people in the books I’m reading much more than I did as a kid.

The story was so funny, and I loved how it ended. I recommend this book to readers ages 5-9. I liked the creativity in the plot and the pictures! This is a book perfect for young readers in libraries or on book shelves.

Four out of four roses!

Photo credit: Jessica Grose

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