Review: Aunt Flossie’s Hats Each Have A Story To Tell In This Heartfelt Read

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Sarah and Susan love going to their Great-Great Aunt Flossie’s house to try on her hats, hear her wonderful stories about each one, and of course, eat crab cakes later! This heartfelt read, Aunt Flossie’s Hats (and Crab Cakes Later) by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard focuses on the importance of family and childhood.

Fancy hats have always been a staple for some Black women, especially church-going women. I see them especially on Easter and Mother’s Day. In this story, each of Aunt Flossie’s hats has a story – from a wooly winter hat she wore from when there was a big fire in Baltimore to a dark blue one she wore for a parade.

This book was pretty interesting and highlighted the importance of hearing about the past from elders. It was cool to read about all of Aunt Flossie’s adventures through her hats! Plus, the book was based on true experiences of the author with her own aunt.

The pictures were painted by James E. Ransome. I really liked them because they were so vivid.

I recommend this book to readers seven and older.

Three out of four roses!

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