Review: Most Likely Is A Beautiful Coming-Of-Age Novel With Evolving Characters

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In Most Likely, by Sarah Watson, Ava, CJ, Jordan, and Martha are a diverse group of high school seniors and best friends. And because of the first chapter of the book is set int he future, we learn that one of them is destined to become the President of the United States.

Readers are kept guessing throughout the book about which girl is “most likely” to become president. Each chapter offers a glimpse into the past of the main characters and in the final chapter, the author reveals who wins the presidency.

This is a beautiful coming-of-age and inspiring novel about friendships, overcoming hardships, and love. Through four points of view, readers venture into the girls’ lives and dive into their dynamic plots. I appreciated the diversity of the main characters. Ava, who is LatinX and adopted, is dealing with internal issues such as depression and identity. CJ is trying to prove she is above average academically and capable of getting into Stanford. Jordan is a biracial student focused on writing the perfect story, no matter what it takes. Martha is discovering her sexuality and trying to work her way around her family’s financial struggles.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to young adult readers. I also recommended this book to the Yada Yad Book Club and was happy to discuss it with them during a video conversation. It was fun to connect the dots and predict who would become the POTUS. I loved how each storyline was so unique. The friendship between the girls portrayed in this story was very genuine and sweet.

If you liked The Poet X, you will probably like Most Likely as well.

Four out of four roses! I am definitely reading it again!

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