Guest Blog: Cilla Lee-Jenkins Is A Good Book Families Will Enjoy

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Note From Elena Reads: My 10-year-old brother read this book for the One School, One Book program, where everyone in his school read the book at the same pace during March is Reading Month. Here are his thoughts:

By Everett, 10

I read this book, Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinare, by Susan Tan, and I liked it.

It is about a biracial girl who wants to be an author extraordinaire when she grows up. Most of the stuff Cilla writes in her notebook relates to her difficult experiences like school and her dificulty learning to read. She also has a baby sister coming soon, but she really doesn’t want a baby sister. She is worried that if she gets a sibling, her parents will pay less attention to her. So, she writes about that, too.

My favorite part of the book was when Grandpa Jenkins needed Cilla out of the house so they could throw her a surprise party. I liked that part because I didn’t see it coming.

My favorite character is Cilla because she is a very interesting and she can change her feelings very quickly. For instance, sometimes she is mad about the baby on the way and then she was sad because her white family members and Chinese family members don’t always get along. She was always happy when her family went to ChinaTown because she loved the food and the spinning table.

I would recommend this book, although the chapters are a little bit long. I liked the illustrations by Dana Wulfekotte because they showed you exactly what was happening in the the story. This book is great for families. I read some chapters with my dad and some chapters with my mom and they enjoyed it .

I give this book three roses.

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