Review: Moonlight Memories Is A Bittersweet Story About Finding Peace After Loss Of A Parent

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It is undeniably very hard to process the feeling of grief, especially if you are a child who has had to deal with the loss of a family member, friend, or pet. Amanda Davis‘ latest book is “a story of healing after loss”. Moonlight Memories, is about a girl who is learning to cope with the death of her mom.

It is often said memories of a loved one can help people cope and can bring peace. Amanda Davis has found a unique way to show how memories can guide you through the grieving process.

In this book, Piper feels empty after the death of her mother. When her father gives her a telescope, she starts taking it out each night and what she sees when she looks through it are images that she believes are her mom. Each image is a memory. Some of the images are of her mom fixing her hair before a dance recital or eating ice cream or reading together. Soon, Piper starts drawing what she sees.

I am thankful for the ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) from the author. The book will be available in book stores, beginning June 13. It is perfect for kids who are grieving a loss of a family member. In fact, it is actually based on the author’s own experiences with grief through the death of her father. Her understanding of a serious topic shines through in this picture book. I think it’s helpful that she included couple pages at the end of the book that provide resources for families. (Amanda Davis previously wrote another book I enjoyed, 30,000 Stitches, which is about how people came together to honor 9/11 by stitching together pieces of the American flag from all of the states.)

I loved the pretty illustrations by Michelle Jing Chan. Plus, I thought it was cool that the pictures showed an interracial family, without having to address it in the book.

I recommend Moonlight Memories for readers ages 6-10. For children grieving the the loss of a pet, Cat Heaven and Dog Heaven might be helpful books.

Four out of four roses!

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