Review: Olympic Medalist’s Book Is About Being Proud Of Who You Are

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Olympic Bronze Medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad and S.K. Ali artfully write The Proudest Blue about hijabs, and being proud of who you are.

From the moment Faizah’s sister, Asiya, slipped on her blue hijab, Faizah knew it was going to be “the most beautiful first day of school ever.” She felt as if she was walking into school with a princess.

Not everyone thought she was a princess. “I’m going to take that tablecloth off your head!” one boy shouted. Obviously, he didn’t know what a hijab was – a scarf many Muslim women wear to symbolize modesty.

“Some people won’t understand your hijab. But if you understand who you are, someday they will too.” That is the advice Asiya’s mother had given her, and the advice she carried with her when people made fun of the hijab.

I think the book is called The Proudest Blue because when Asiya put the hijab on, it was more than a scarf to her. It was an emblem of courage and pride.

I’ve reviewed other books with characters wearing head coverings, like the Yasmin series and Mommy’s Khimar.

I loved the illustrations in The Proudest Blue by Hatem Aly! She is so talented, and the artwork was phenomenal! I also loved the way that the authors made the words flow poetically, and in my mind I could practically see and hear all that was happening.

I would recommend this book to readers any age. I think at different milestones, you will take away different messages! As for me, I took away messages about bullying, and accepting differences. But maybe as a kid you might take away that you should be yourself. As an adult, maybe it’s believing in yourself!

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It goes on my favorite PICTURE book list for sure!

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