Review: Book Explores Life Of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton

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Hamilton, the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is going on Disney+ tonight! I’ve never seen it, but hopefully, now I can! I am a total theater nerd and love musicals, and Hamilton is on my bucket list to watch!

I have listened to some of the music and looked up some scenes. I think it’s so cool that the cast is very diverse, and a lot of black, Asian, Latino, and biracial men and women portray people who were white.

Today, I’m reviewing a book about Alexander Hamilton’s life called Who Was Alexander Hamilton? by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso. It is a short, easy chapter book that will teach you a lot about one of the Founding Fathers.

Hamilton was the first secretary of treasury and the Founding Father of the United States. He is on the ten dollar bill, and also helped during the Revolutionary War.

The book explores the life of this man, from the time he was young and became an orphan, to the time where he became the first secretary of treasury, to when he died. It also has these fun fact pages, so you can get to learn a little more about Alexander Hamilton’s life.

What I liked about the book was that was short and sweet, and taught me a lot. I read this book in about 20 minutes, and I learned a lot about Alexander Hamilton. I also enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t just telling facts about Hamilton, it was also telling a story.

I recommend this book to anyone 7 and up. This is a good book for kids just learning about the Revolutionary War. If you enjoy The Who Was? series as much as me (I’ve reviewed Who Is Aretha Franklin?, Who Was Mozart?, and Who Is Michelle Obama?), you will enjoy this book, too!

This book was pretty good. I rate it three out of four roses.

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