Guest Blog: Big Nate Is A Funny Graphic Novel Series For People With Silly Personalities

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Note From Elena Reads: My younger brother has been really getting into the Big Nate graphic novel series, so I asked him to write a review. Some of the other book reviews he has written are The Presidents’ of the United States and Dragons In A Bag. Read his review below!

By Everett, age 9

I recently starting reading a book series called Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce. I have read nine of them.

The books are about Big Nate and his friends, Francis and Teddy, Chad, Arthur, and Kim. They try to help Nate become a better person because Nate does a lot of silly things like ordering scoops of ice cream and wasting money. His friends try to help him become more mature and responsible. They teach him that he shouldn’t do good old-fashioned wedgies.

My favorite Big Nate book was Big Nate Goes Bananas because it was funny, and I could feel myself in the story.

I liked this book because each character reminds me of one of my friends. Each and every one reminds me of them because one of my friends is silly, one of my friends is smart and one of my friends tries to chase after me like Nate’s friend did. I see myself as Francis because he got a perfrect score on his spelling test, like I do. Plus, the pictures have funny titles.

People who have a funny personality like me would enjoy these books.

Four out of four roses.

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